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To Care, To Educate, To Discover

Nursing research is fundamental to the delivery of high-quality health care for patients.

Submitted by the ORPCS Department


Office of Research, Patient Care Services

The Office of Research facilitates clinical, translational and health service research to integrate, expand, and deliver health equity and patient care research at Stanford Health Care (SHC), meeting the diverse and unique needs of our patients, families, staff, and communities.

Our team is comprised of Ph-D prepared research scientists, nurse scientists, nurse leaders, business, project and administrative specialists, and executive leaders.

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Research Operations and Strategy

The Research Operations and Strategy team (ROS) was created in 2022 as part of the Department of Health Equity and Research expansion to support Stanford Health Care (SHC) and School of Medicine clinical trials and other research studies. ROS supports the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of research operations and strategy infrastructure to advance research-driven health systems. ROS is a vital part of Department of Health Equity and Research and regularly collaborates and consults with the following divisions and functions: Clinical Trials Operations, Health Equity Research, Academic Nursing and Patient Care Research, and Research Quality and Compliance.

2022- 2023 Achievements: 


Publications in peer-reviewed journals


Presentations at virtual, regional or national conferences/workshops



Impact of rubric weight on holistic admissions for underrepresented students in nursing

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle DeCoux Hampton, Ph.D., RN, and Dr. Lynette V. Apen, DNP, RN, whose article Impact of Rubric Weight on Holistic Admissions for Underrepresented Students in Nursing was voted Article of the Year by the editorial board of Teaching and Learning in Nursing Journal.


This publication demonstrates how rubrics can be used to balance education inequities for underrepresented students in nursing and has the potential to support ongoing diversity efforts in nursing education.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials (CT) Operations oversee clinical trial studies in SHC practice settings through services including upholding regulatory and organizational quality/compliance standards, improving clinical trial practice, and providing clinical trial consultation. The CT Inpatient Team, composed of patient care managers, Nursing Professional Development Specialists, and clinical research RNs, implemented a novel CT infrastructure across inpatient services. The CT Inpatient Team supports over 130 active studies, with plans to expand services.
CT’s Clinical Trials Enterprise team also provides support and consultation to SHC Ambulatory Care, Interventional Platform, ED, and SHC-Tri-Valley, as well as clinical research associate support to clinical researchers from SoM and Stanford Impact Labs, a team of scholars focused on finding solutions to social problems such as health inequities. 
The Research Analytics Team leads the IDS Beacon Build Project to translate CT protocols and paper orders to the EHR. Over 400 research protocols are being translated into digital form for immediate availability to interdisciplinary teams. Two thousand twenty-three plans include the creation of an Epic Research Module and quality assurance/compliance dashboards. This multipronged effort aims to improve clinical research quality and safety in practice. 

Newly Structured Division Research Quality and Compliance (RQC)

The Research Quality and Compliance, RQC, is accountable for developing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating innovative quality and compliance programs using scientific models, best practices, and proven workflow methods to improve ORPCS, Health Equity, and research systems and processes. 

The RQC division encompasses the daily research operations and strategy to support health equity research, clinical trials research, academic nurse scientists, and the SHC enterprise. The RQC division supports theory-based research excellence and research viewed from a professional nursing and health equity lens to bridge the research-practice-education gap. 

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