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International Knowledge Exchange Program

Fall 2022 cohort

After three years, the International Knowledge Exchange Program, a Stanford Nursing collaboration with the Stanford School of Medicine to partner with healthcare systems across the globe, started back up again.  This program hosts international nursing leaders to highlight the Magnet culture of excellence in an academic medical center.  The international visitors arrive at Stanford Medicine, bringing valuable, diverse cultural perspectives that enrich the cross-cultural experiences for Stanford Health Care host units.   


Stanford Health Care (SHC), a four-time Magnet hospital, is accountable for sharing best practices and spreading the Magnet culture through on-site immersive shadowing experiences.  During the 2-4 weeks immersion cohort, each global nurse leader shadowed various specialties across the organization to observe best practices and be engaged in Stanford Nursing's culture of excellence.

A pre-survey was collected to establish a baseline of the visitors' knowledge of Magnet culture and an exit survey to evaluate their learning experience.  After returning to their home country and hospital, the international nurses reported successfully implementing process improvement projects they observed at Stanford, such as the "CAUTI Bundle." Others have shared that the nursing influence in the shared governance structure has empowered bedside nurses to provide the best patient care through interprofessional collaboration.  Such a successful shared governance structure inspired international visitors toward increased patient care advocacy and interprofessional collaboration.

During the Fall 2022 cohort, the pre-survey showed that 78% of the international nurses needed to familiarize themselves with Magnet-designed hospital ideologies.  After their immersive time at Stanford Health Care, the post-survey indicated that 100% of the nurses were "very or extremely knowledgeable" about Magnet ideologies.  100% of the international nurses planned to bring Magnet ideologies back to their specific units.  

The top four doctrines they wanted to promote in their hospital were: quality of nursing leadership (71.43%), quality improvement (71.43%), quality of care (57.14%), personnel policies, and programs (57.14%).  


The top three qualities the international visitors experienced were: improved patient outcomes (85.71%), increased professional development opportunities (85.71%), new knowledge innovation, and improvements (85.71%).  

"I can feel the difference in patient care at Stanford Health Care.  Being a Magnet-designated hospital, nurses receive support from administration and leadership to focus on caring for their patients." 

RN South Korea, 2022

"The nurses are empowered to provide the best care for their patients and family members."  

RN South Korea, 2022

"Our days have always begun with smiles, warmth, and welcomes from each department we shadowed in.  We can feel they are happy working here." 

RN South Korea, 2022

Congratulations to Stanford Nursing for having a positive

influence on international nursing practice.

Submitted by:  Esther Chyan, BSN, RN, OCN

Program Manager Nursing Excellence and Magnet Programs Department

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