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Stanford Health Care is excited to be actively involved in the Magnet 4 Europe (M4E) project. This is the third year of a multiyear study where Magnet hospitals from the United States are partnered with European hospitals exploring a Magnet Journey.  SHC is twinned with Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden.

In 2021, hospitals in Europe and the United States conducted a gap analysis to assess clinical nurses’ wellbeing, mental health, and risk of burnout. The results for SHC were presented to Shared Leadership and to all nurses in the weekly newsletter Looking Forward.

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To support Uppsala’s Magnet journey, an SHC team, led by Dr. Dale Beatty, meets with the Uppsala team each month via videoconference for a collaborative discussion about Stanford’s Shared Leadership structure, the Magnet pillars, Professional Practice Model, and nursing theory of Caring Science. The Uppsala team, led by their CNO Ms. Marie Sjödin, outlines progress on their Magnet journey including a new Shared Leadership council and elevating nursing leadership by creating a new chief nursing officer (CNO) position.

In 2022, 63 hospitals from six European countries, and 67 Magnet hospitals from the United States attended the 2022 M4E collaborative meeting at University College, Cork, Ireland. The conference focus was on wellbeing, mental health, and the prevention of burnout. Dr. Dale Beatty and Ms. Marie Sjödin presented a joint plenary presentation about Stanford and Uppsala working together which was a highlight of the conference.

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