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Nurse Residency Program (NRP)

The ANCC Nationally Accredited Stanford Health Care Nurse Residency Program is a Vizient-recognized program, started in 2006, and has since grown into a meaningful and impactful foundation for newly graduated nurses transitioning into professional clinical practice. Supporting over 1000 nurse residents in the past 17 years, the Stanford Health Care Nurse Residency Program is dedicated to developing competent, compassionate, and committed clinical nurses who positively impact our patients' lives.

In 2022, the NRP welcomed 201 clinical nurses to SHC and expanded into four specialty areas: inpatient dialysis, inpatient psychiatry, emergency medicine, and peri-anesthesia. The program witnessed exponential growth in the number of candidates applying to the program, with application volume doubling.  

As Stanford Health Care continues a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the NRP implemented a series of processes to expand diversity and inclusion efforts:  

  • Program eligibility requirements expanded to include ADN-prepared nurses

  • Program application to follow a holistic review process

  • Strategic marketing campaign targeted at expanded diversity

  • Continuation of robust virtual webinar series that provides application and interview preparation support

2022 NRP Participating Areas.jpg

In 2022, the Nurse Residency Program implemented a strategic recruitment campaign to support the growth and development of internal Stanford Health Care employees transitioning into Clinical Nurse roles.

Internal applicants work in a variety of both clinical and non-clinical roles within the organization such as nursing assistants, care coordinators, radiology technicians, security services, phlebotomists, and scheduling coordinators. 

Internal applicants receive 1:1 resume and cover letter support, interview preparation, mock interviews and are invited to attend all program webinars. In 2022, 17 Stanford Health Care employees successfully transitioned into Clinical Nurse roles through the residency program, a 21% increase from the previous year.


In alignment with our commitment to expanded diversity, we changed our application requirements to include ADN-prepared nurses. After a thorough analysis of both the BSN and ADN curriculum, and after collaboration with our community academic partners, we discovered that our ADN-prepared nurses would benefit from career develop support and services that were not part of their curriculum.  We partnered with several of our local community colleges that have ADN programs and offered cover letter and resume writing support as well as interview preparation services. In 2022, 238 ADN-prepared nurses applied to our residency program.

Submitted by:  

Kerry Zoss, RN, MS, PCCN

Nurse Residency Program Coordinator

Nursing Professional Development Specialist

Center for Education and Professional Development

NRP: Our Program


Dedicated preceptorship utilizing the tiered-skill acquisition model for precepting.


Team-building activities and peer support sessions to encourage mentorship and relationship building.

Seminar Sessions

Comprehensive seminar sessions facilitated by clinical practice and educational specialists to support the resident’s transition into their highly specialized work environment

Check- Ins

Multiple collaborative check-in meetings that include the resident, preceptor, unit leadership team, unit educator, clinical nurse specialist and NRP team member to support the resident throughout their transition to practice over 12 months


High fidelity simulation to promote clinical reasoning, problem solving and prioritization.


Collaborative partnership with professional practice and quality improvement departments to support the nurse resident in the completion of a robust evidence-based practice project.

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