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Elevating a Culture of Safe & High-Quality Care:

K7 Patient Experience: (Our Customer) "What Our Patients Say About Us"

"The K7 Nursing Team is exemplary. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and hardworking. They are willing to answer my questions, be an intermediary with the Doctors, and take the time to talk with/ counsel me. It is notable that the nurses always help each other. Different nurses, nurse assistants, charge nurses came into my room to help me when my given nurse was with another patient. This is great teamwork. I have been a patient on K7 in the past, and I specifically asked for K7 on this admission. I am thankful to be here on K7 and at Stanford Health Care. I am never disappointed. This is a fine institution. Be proud to work here!"


Submitted by a patient via the Virtual Recognition/Electronic CI CARE card

Centralized Education for the Nurse in Transition to the Oncology Practice

The oncology patient population at SHC is one spanning all over California. As patients travel specifically to SHC to receive world-renowned treatment, we must pair that with world-renowned nursing care. 

The series was designed and developed to align with Stanford Health Care’s (SHC) strategic plan, mission, and vision by embedding the Caring HEART values.  To ensure that the nurses felt supported and confident, the inpatient oncology Nursing Professional Development Specialists (NPDS) at the Center for Education and Professional Development (CEPD), used the Caring HEART values with comprehensive, standardized oncology training.


The series aim to provide incoming novice oncology nurses with standardized education from interprofessional subject matter experts with an objective to increase participant’s foundational knowledge in oncology, hematology, blood, and marrow transplant (BMT), and Cancer Cellular Therapy (CCT). 

53 novice nurses within the AAU Oncology region took part as the first cohort of SHC’s Oncology Training Program (OTP). To promote inclusivity and access, the series was also open to all staff within the organization.


Success Outcomes:

  • A total of 331 oncology specific learning events were created since August 2022

  • Widespread utilization of the classes by intensive care units, research, nurse coordinators, and outpatient infusion treatment areas

  • Majority of learned reported:

    • Activities and exercises during the class aided their learning

    • Program materials will contribute to their future success

    • Confidence that they will be able to apply what they have learned to their work environment

​​The 2022 Oncology Class Series is critical to bridge the knowledge gap for novice oncology nurses. The Class Series is a proactive way to educate nurses outside of unit preceptorship. It promotes lifelong learning through accessible professional development and effective communication with peers, patients, and families.

Submitted by:  


Emily Ranieri, RN, NPDS - CEPD

2022 Ambulatory Safe Patient Handling Program

Stanford Health Care has a well-established Safe Patient Handling (SHP) training program and resources.  While the SPH Champion model and resources are used consistently in the inpatient setting, the Ambulatory Shared Leadership Council (ASLC) identified these resources utilized inconsistently in the Ambulatory Service Line Clinics.  

In July 2021, ASLC Specialty Care Service Line submitted an Action Request Form to assist in creating an improved safe patient handling environment when no lift team was available to assist in a patient’s transfer from a wheelchair to the exam table.  

From the ARF, ASLC nurses, in partnership with Nursing Professional Development Specialists and the Safe Patient Handling Team, formed the Ambulatory SPH Workgroup to assess education, resources, and training needs.  

In November 2022, a new Ambulatory SPH education bundle was finalized and disseminated to ambulatory clinic leaders and staff.  Work began to engage all clinics in designating SPH Champions.  Simultaneously, the Practice & Education Council updated the SHC Safe Patient Handling Policy in November 2022 to include Ambulatory-specific additions in Appendices B & C.  

The number of ambulatory clinics with champions grew by 31%, and the total number of ambulatory SPH champions more than doubled. 

As this work continues into 2023, we anticipate these numbers to grow and further contribute to improved education and awareness around ambulatory SPH, positively impacting the culture of safety across the outpatient setting.

Submitted by:  Kiana Scott, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, CNML

Nursing Professional Development Specialist – Center for Education and Professional Development


The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) Survey, also known as the Nursing 
Satisfaction Survey, was created by the American Nurses Association (ANA) to provide a centralized location for all national nursing data. The focus of this survey is to assess the impact of healthcare restructuring on safety and quality patient care.

This Press Ganey survey aims to demonstrate that RNs make the difference in providing safe, high-quality patient care. The results are used to aid nursing in enhancing patient safety and initiating quality improvement efforts. SHC's results are benchmarked with other hospitals across the country.

After completing our survey in October 2022, the results are shared across the organization so for prioritizing meaningful change and climate improvements. SHC's average unit response rate of 88% surpassed the national average unit response rate by 19%!  This high organization-wide level of participation reflects deep involvement and commitment to building a dynamic culture of change. 

NDNQI contains questions about:

  • Tasks

  • Nurse-Nurse Interactions

  • Nurse-Physician Interactions

  • Decision-making & Autonomy

  • Professional status & Pay

  • Nurse Management & Nursing Administration

  • Professional Development Opportunity & Access

Congratulations to everyone who participated in SHC's 2022 National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI)  Thank you to each and every one of you for your leadership and exceptional engagement.

2022 NDNQI Workstation on Wheels 

Click below to scroll through the NDNQI WOW photos!

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