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Jodie's Transformational Leadership Story
"Being involved with Shared Leadership enabled me to refine and expand upon my own identity as a leader." 

-Jodie Mae Shiba

Jodie Mae Shiba, BSN, RN, ONC,

ASLC Coordinating Council Chair

Nurse Coordinator, 

Stanford Orthopaedic Surgery Joint Clinic

Jodie joined the Orthopedic Surgery Joint Clinic in Redwood City as a Nurse Coordinator after 10 fulfilling years as an inpatient orthopedic Clinical Nurse at Stanford Health Care. Having limited leadership experience, Jodie took the opportunity to join the Ambulatory Shared Leadership Council as the inaugural Chair-Elect of the Orthopedic Service Line before transitioning to the role of Chair.


As Chair, Jodie began to define her identity as a leader, she facilitated process, workflow, and quality improvements, of the Ambulatory work environment. This role was pivotal in preparing her for the path that her leadership journey would take. During the summer of 2022, Jodie was offered an opportunity to fill in as the Interim Chair-Elect of the Ambulatory Coordinating Council - a role in which she was ultimately voted in to.  Two months later, Jodie assumed the position of Interim Chair of the Ambulatory Coordinating Council, a position she held through February 2023.


During her time as Interim Chair, Jodie co-hosted the in-person Shared Leadership Retreat, which brought together over 500 front line staff, management, and executives from all of SHC to “Reignite the Spark” and celebrate the extraordinary contributions and vast accomplishments of the year. Jodie also co-led the first in-person Ambulatory Executive Council meeting, which fostered connection, recognition, and collaboration between frontline leaders and executive leadership.


The professional growth throughout 2022, notably during the last 5 months of the year, expanded the boundaries of what Jodie ever believed. Jodie sharpened her public speaking skills, connected and collaborated with a wide variety of disciplines at SHC. Most importantly, the experiences in 2022 provided Jodie with the opportunity to refine and expand upon her own identity as a leader. Being advanced into the position of Interim Chair after only two months of serving as the Interim Chair-Elect undoubtedly provided numerous challenges that Jodie embraced.  After these experiences, Jodie is now better prepared and confident for any future opportunities that may come her way.

2022 has provided Jodie with new leadership skills and has allowed her to connect with other nursing leaders at SHC. Jodie also values Shared Leadership and the platform it provides to allow front-line staff to have a voice and be empowered to make change.  Jodie highly encourages everyone to partake in Shared Leadership, welcome the opportunities, and consider taking leaps of their own!

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